BISS21: information for the public

Stuttgart 21 | Interactive: track routes, fact-finding, plans

Bürgerinformationssystem: Kartenausschnitt

Accessible around the clock, BISS21 is a source of useful information about various aspects of the Stuttgart 21 project, such as track routes, tunnel depths and impact assessments.

The BISS21 system covers over 50 km of tracks and includes data drawn from over 250 plans and planning decisions.

BISS21: tunnel depths

Interactive information:

  • What routes do tunnels take?
  • Will a tunnel run under my house or property?
  • How deep is the tunnel?
  • How far am I from the tunnel?
  • Will an impact assessment be carried out on my building?
  • Maps and aerial shots providing overviews of the Stuttgart 21 lines on different scales (from 1:200,000 to 1:500)

  • Information search via address

  • Measurements (area, route lengths) – e.g. distance between buildings and tunnels

  • Information about tunnel depth every 100 m (distance from top of rail in tunnel to surface above)

  • Illustrations of tunnel depth – schematic depictions of planned inclines

  • Impact assessment requirements

  • Downloads of approved plans as part of impact assessment

  • Location of information centres (Turmforum, town hall, airport)

  • Active webcams
Bürgerinformationssystem BISS21: Tunnel-Querschnitt

What is the aim of BISS21?
The information system for the public uses straightforward visuals and graphics to illustrate and clarify different technical aspects of the Stuttgart 21 project - issues which are otherwise often difficult to grasp.

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