NBS – Neubaustrecke Wendlingen–Ulm

  • Total line length: 59.6 km
  • Of which tunnels: 30.4 km
  • Maximum speed: 250 km/h
  • Number of tunnels (>500 m): 5
  • Number of railway overpasses: 17
  • Number of road bridges: 20
  • Planned inauguration: December 2022

  • Reconstruction of Ulm railway station including admission and through-routing of the new-build line

  • Foothills of Swabian Alb (sections 2.1 c)

    • A 5 km stretch marking the start of the climb to the Swabian Alb hills. This section begins at Weilheim an der Teck and leads on to Aichelberg.

  • Alb ascent (section 2.2)

    • Almost the entire section will be tunnelled: first the 8.8 km long Boßler Tunnel, then the 4.8 km long Steinbühl Tunnel.

  • Alb crossing (section 2.3)

    • This section runs through the mountains from Widderstall to Dornstadt; the line layout essentially follows the route of the A8 motorway.

  • Alb descent (section 2.4)

    • At Dornstadt, the new-build line diverges from the motorway and leads to Ulm through a 6 km long tunnel.

  • Danube bridge in Ulm (section 2.5a 2)

    • Renewal of the existing tracks and construction of a completely new station below ground level.

  • Neu-Ulm 21 (section 2.5b)

    • Completed in 2007, this project (also called "21") in Neu-Ulm is a smaller version of what is planned for Stuttgart: the tracks were run underground, modernised and downsized to the scale necessary for 21st-century train services. The municipality can now incorporate the 18 hectares of space opened up as a result into its urban development plans.

The costs for this undertaking come to EUR 3.703 billion.

The federal government will assume a share of EUR 2.31 billion, inclusive of the funds provided by the EU. EUR 950 million will be provided by the Baden-Württemberg state government.