S21 – restructuring the Stuttgart rail node

  • Total line length: 57 km
  • Of which high-speed line: 20 km
  • Of which tunnels and cuttings: 33 km
  • Number of tunnels and cuttings: 16
  • Number of bridges: 18
  • Number of stations: 3
  • Stabling sidings: 1
  • Planned inauguration: December 2025
  • Maximum speed: 250 km/h

  • Europa district
  • Rosenstein district

  • City centre valley crossing with main station (section 1.1)

    • Valley crossing through Stuttgart city centre, the entire construction work required in connection with the new through station and re-routing the urban light rail (Stadtbahn) tracks.

  • Filder Tunnel (section 1.2)

    • 9.5 km tunnel from main station to Filder region.

  • Filder region with airport connection (section 1.3)

    • Above-ground section of new-build line from the Filder Tunnel portal to Stuttgart's municipal boundary, the new station at the airport and trade fair grounds, and alterations to the Filder and Stuttgart-Singen lines.

  • Feuerbach and Bad Cannstatt link (section 1.5)

    • Long-distance and regional connections from Feuerbach and Bad Cannstatt to the main station and refurbishment of the S-Bahn rapid transit lines between Nordbahnhof and Bad Cannstatt to the main station.

The project is funded by Deutsche Bahn AG, the German government (with EU support), the state of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart's municipal government, Stuttgart Airport and administrative association of the Greater Stuttgart Region.

The budget is currently some EUR 8.200 billion (as per the decision of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bahn AG from 26 January 2018).



S21 – restructuring the Stuttgart rail node